Upgrade to Fiber Optics

Upgrade to to the blazing fast speed, reliability, and security of fiber optics. Fiber saves you time, space and headaches; no wonder it's gaining popularity! Read More...

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Let us find and resolve your network vulnerabilities or perform a risk assessment for you. We can help you achieve or maintain PCI-DSS Certification or just make sure your assets are secure and protected. Read more...

Full Management and Monitoring

Let us take the stress and agony out of managing your network. We can manage and monitor everything from servers and desktops to network and wireless equipment. We have the capabilities to remotely manage and even monitor statistics and errors to detect and prevent failure before it happens. Read more...

Windows 10: What You Need To Know

Should I Upgrade?

Well, that all depends upon your preferences. If you take the motto 'If it aint broke, don't fix it' and like things to stay the same, you should be fine staying with Windows 7 or 8.1. However if you don't mind change, and embrace new features that make things easier, upgrading is probably for you.


When can I Upgrade, and How Much Will It Cost?

You can upgrade right now! But how much will it cost you?

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Windows 10: Take A Leap of Faith

Windows 10: Take a Leap of Faith

The first glimpse of Windows 10 may be enough to make you believe in Microsoft again.
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Do You Want A Clear Samsung Galaxy Note 5

A Clear Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Those of you that are feeling pretty geeky might want to check this out. Just be forewarned, as cool as it may seem, this will probably void your warranty...
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Is It Time To Ditch Verizon's Unlimited Data Plans?

Is it time to ditch Verizon's unlimited data?

I most recently changed my plan over to the Everything Plan... It finally just made sense, especially since they are jacking up the price of unlimited data. See for yourself what you feel about it. 
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